New Poems

“Along the East River and in the Bronx Young Men Were Singing” The New Yorker
“Poem Written on My 28th Birthday” Homology Lit
“Brief Love Poem in the Darkness of West Virginia”, “Haiku for Julia”, “Brief Love Poem in Minneapolis”, “Found Haiku While Reading Alejandra Pizarnik” Bedfellows
“Eating Dinner Alone at the 163rd Street Mall” and “My Mom Tries to Convince Me to Buy Her a House” Scalawag Magazine
“Bell Peppers and Beef Blues” Passages North
“Don’t Ever Come To Florida” Reservoir Journal
“Watching Planes Take Off in Late Evening While High on Shrooms” Pacifica Literary Review
“Driving Home After Being Stood Up” Small Orange
“On Seeing a Photo of an Octopus in a Parking Garage” Inspicio
“Finding a Scratch Off Lottery Ticket in a Used Copy of Frank Standford’s Selected Poems” BOAAT
“Poem Written in the Parking Lot of a Tattoo Shop While Waiting for an Appointment” Tinderbox Poetry Journal
“And on the 7th Day God Said: ‘You Made it Bro'” Tinderbox Poetry Journal
“Sleeping in the Shower” The Journal
“Self Portrait with the New Moon”, Pessimistic Haiku”, “Reading Basho While at a Standstill on I-95”, & “Still Water/Still Water” Five:2:One Magazine
“Ruins of the Earliest Church in America Discovered in Florida” & “My Dad Went to Cuba and All I Got was this Shitty Hemingway T-Shirt” Acentos Review
“Three Haiku for Hurricane Matthew” Sinking City
“Thoughts While Taking Out the Trash” Crab Fat Magazine

Selected Publications from All My Heroes Are Broke (C&R Press, 2017)

“Before Snowfall” Academy of American Poets
“Magic City Ruse” Gulf Coast
“A View of the Statue of Liberty from the Brooklyn Bridge” Tupelo Quarterly
“Driving Past Lake Tohopekaliga” The Grief Diaries
“Rat in the Crawl Space” Two Peach
“Reading Basho on the 2 Train” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
“American Night, American Morning” Origins Literary Journal
“My Dad’s Gun” Tinderbox Poetry Journal
“In Response to People Trying to Rename the South Bronx ‘The Piano District'”, “Looking Down from Atop the Empire State Building” & “Tulips in Winter” Breakwater Review
“Thinking I See My Cousin Bussing Tables at an Uptown Restaurant” Prelude
“Reading James Wright on the L Train” Duende
“Nighthawks of the 24-Hour Donut Shops” Tinderbox Poetry Journal
“Post Hurricane, Miami” & “Silence Over the Snowy Fields” The Boiler Journal
“Upon Encountering a Street Mural of Super Mario, I Think of My Mother” Glass: A Journal of Poetry